Tuesday, February 21, 2012

With just a few days left to go in this journey (I never thought it would end honestly), I went back and reevaluated all the ones left uncompleted. Overall, I think I've done a pretty good job even though I didn't get or try to do all of them.

001. Read the Bible everyday. I’ve started doing this.

016. Replace my Disney VHS collection with DVDs. I've done a pretty good job with this.

021. Learn how to save.

022. Learn how to invest. I'm no expert, but I've got some of the basics down.

031. Have a meaningful conversation on a swingset. I miss days like this.

034. Learn to cook. Not quite a chef, but I've made some excellent new recipes.

051. Visit my family in Pennsylvania again (preferably not for a funeral). And it was beautiful...

054. Make 10 new friends (10/10). I've made quite a few new friends and acquaintances over the last thousand days. Whether or not I'm super close with them, I will consider this complete.

057. Do something creative with all my pressed flowers.

072. Only buy things when I need them. I don't know if anyone will ever be perfect at this, but I have gotten a lot better. I still splurge every now and then, but mostly it is on things that I use a lot.

075. Get off as many medications as I can. I will be making an appointment with my doctor soon to do this. I don't like to be wasteful, so I'm waiting until I dwindle down my medicinal supplies.

076. Get off caffeine. I don't know if I'll ever fully do this, but I am making an effort to stop drinking as many sodas. Overall, this will be much healthier than my current situation.

077. Eat healthier. This is something to work on day by day. I am doing better, although I still pig out occasionally and I eat portions that are much too large.

097. Take a minute, to take a breath and enjoy something small. While I still don't do this as often as I'd like, I am getting better at stopping to smell the roses.

I won't have the next 1001 days list completed for a while, but I have started thinking about it.

Ps. Tutoring session went okay. It's gonna be tough. I hope that I am able to help her. It's not really grammar that is her problem, it's translating what she hears to her native language and back again.