Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am so ready to get out of here.

I want to be home.

I want to be done with school.

I want to be working.

I want to be with my family.

I want to be with Brandon (almost 6 months!!!).

I want to be happy again.

My life here, while its been good experience has been pretty miserable. I don't know how to tell certain people this. Without them, I wouldn't be here. Physically at this school and possibly living. Without them, I would have been a lot happier though. I try. I know I'm weird, but I try. I try so hard to be funny and nice and helpful. I'm always there to listen. And they come to me when they're mad at each other or when the other isn't around.

And I become the best friend.

And then as soon as the problem is solved or the other has returned, I feel like I'm thrown in the mud.

It never ends!

One day I say something funny. I make the same joke later and get a blank stare. Glare. Silence.

I'm just going to be happy to be home with family and friends who really love me. Unconditionally. You say you're my friends, but I really don't know if I believe it. It's only true half the time. And that's not true friendship. So I'll be glad to get back to those who are true.

Time to name drop.

Thank you to everyone at home who have helped me get through this tough year and years before (yeah this is lame...in no particular order):

Mommy and Daddy

Thanks for just listening. Thanks for talking. Thanks for being there.

And thanks to the three people who have made an attempt to be friends with me up here even though they probably don't read this,

Sam, Tim and Grant. I always do get along better with guys don't I haha?

I loooove my friiiends!

Now, I need to write paper. Which probably isn't gonna happen.