Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What do I want?

Well that is a good question.

I don't feel like I want a serious relationship.

But I don't want to be the "booty call" girl either.

If there was even the glimmer of a future, I wouldn't mind so much, but you don't want a relationship either, so I refuse to be that girl.  I refuse to be used.

In other news, my phone is sucking again.  I've already had it replaced twice so I think it's time for them to give me a new, different kind of phone.  I would like an iPhone.  I can only choose from 3 phones though.  So that kinda sucks.

In other, other news, I'm feelings worse again.  Migraines everyday, bloating, achey body.  I don't sleep through the night, even on sleeping pills.  I just can't wake up in the morning.

All I do is complain.