Thursday, March 26, 2009

I can't win. I can't win. I can't win.

I don't even think I want you anymore and I'm still hurting over this.

Dreaming about it.  That's how I know something is on my mind.  Even when I try to push it out, it still pops up.  It just hurts so much that in one of our last conversations I said, "I'd rather have truth, than happiness from lies" and you still lied...

What you did was spiteful.  Congratulations.  You finally won.

We won't be friends until this is over.  I don't see it lasting, but who knows.  And then you'll come back, apologizing and saying how wrong you were.  Because isn't that how all boys are?

I am through with boys.  I've decided.  I am through with trying to deal with the immaturity.

I need to find me a man.

And you!  The other one!  Why won't you freakin' talk to me?!

This is my ranting, emo, complaining post.  How did everything go from being happy and nice (albeit frustrating) to this...?