Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm tired of seeing underage drinking portrayed not only in drama, soaps and sitcoms as an okay thing, but when it's shown on reality tv and there's no consequences. I mean this Pretty Wild show on E! These girls are younger than me, admit to having fake IDs. Come home in the morning hungover. And they wonder why one is about to go to jail.

I don't really condone under age drinking. I did it a whole of 3 or 4 times and to be honest, it's just stressful. I mean doing it in a safe environment is one thing. But even that can have consequenses. I just don't understand how shows like this can stay on tv.


Kateeee said...

i under drink all the time? im only sixteen we have parts every weekend?

Karlee said...

I know it happens. I did it a few times (mostly right before I turned 21...couldn't wait I guess). I just don't think it's good to show in tv shows and not show that parties can get busted, people can get in accidents or do stupid things. We have so many drunk driving PSAs here, but they show kids on tv drinking and nothing bad ever happens. Maybe its not television's role to teach kids what's right, but someone has to.