Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finally, the list.

Here is the website where you can follow my progress.  http://courage-dearheart.blogspot.com/ I'll try to post it here as well, but I wanted it to have its own steady link.

001.  Read the Bible everyday.

002.  Go to Seattle (okay I already have this one planned, but it’s a goal!).

003.  Get my “courage, dear heart” tattoo.

004.  Take a self-portrait everyday for a year and post it to flickr.

005.  Fly a kite.

006.  Write a song.

007.  Graduate with my Bachelor’s.  On time.

008.  Watch all the movies on my list of must-see movies.

009.  Spend a night under the stars.

010.  Try real sushi.

011.  Re-read all the Harry Potter books.

012.  Bring a friend to church.

013.  Drive nowhere with a friend and see where we end up.  Bring GPS so we can get home.

014.  Buy as much Polaroid film as I can find, since they aren’t making it anymore.

015.  Carve something into a tree.

016.  Replace my Disney VHS collection with DVDs.

017.  Respect myself.

018.  Respect myself by not letting others disrespect me.

019.  Love others.

020.  With respect, learn to love myself.

021.  Learn how to save.

022.  Learn how to invest.

023.  Become published.

024.  Visit every state.

025.  Learn something new every day.

026.  Fly to New York City for a day or a weekend and see everything.

027.  Shoot a gun.

028.  Play real golf.

029.  Go to Key West.

030.  Finish all the books I’ve started, but never finished (except for A Separate Peace).

031.  Have a meaningful conversation on a swingset.

032.  Get a library card.

033.  Adopt a pet when I move out.

034.  Learn to cook.

035.  Perfect recipes I already know.

036.  Finish my middle school/high school scrapbook.

037.  Grow a garden.

038.  Grow my hair out and keep it that length for a while.

039.  Go paintballing.

040.  Take a sewing class, so I don’t have to keep asking for my mom’s help.

041.  Take a quilting class.

042.  Finally finish the blanket I started crocheting 10 years ago.

043.  Become a wine and beer connoisseur.  Not an alcoholic.

044.  Waste film on lomography because it’s fun.

045.  Buy an EF 50mm f/1.8 Canon lens.

046.  Buy a Canon wireless remote.

047.  Get out on my own.

048.  Don’t  waste time watching reruns of shows I’ve seen.

049.  Ask to hear stories from Nana and Grandma before I no longer can.

050.  Visit my family in West Virginia again.

051.  Visit my family in Pennsylvania again (preferably not for a funeral).

052.  Complete physical therapy and eventually join a gym.

053.  Clean out my closet and try not to hold on to so many things.

054.  Make 10 new friends (0/10).

055.  Make a quilt.  Even if it looks like poo.

056.  Keep growing my art collection.

057.  Do something creative with all my pressed flowers.

058.  Sell the button boxes and other crafts I make on etsy.

059.  Don’t allow myself to become addicted to scratch-offs.

060.  Wake up early enough to see the sunrise at the beach.

061.  See the sun rise on the east coast and set in the west on the same day.

062.  Get better at tennis.

063.  Ask my dad to play ping pong.

064.  Gee, break a 100 in bowling.

065.  Complete a paper before the night before it’s due.

066.  Fly a kite.

067.  Keep my room clean for a whole week.

068.  Take my vitamins everyday.

069.  After finishing all the books I’ve started, read at least one new book a month.

070.  To facilitate this, join a book club.

071.  Sell a photo.

072.  Only buy things when I need them.

073.  Go to the chiropractor more often.

074.  Go to the doctor less.

075.  Get off as many medications as I can.

076.  Get off caffeine.

077.  Eat healthier.

078.  Journal once a day, for a week.

079.  Blog once a day, for a month.

080.  Go without the internet for a whole day (ahhh!).

081.  Go without TV for a whole day (double ahhhh!).

082.  Spend a week at the beach and don’t stay inside the whole time.

083.  Have a fling.  Don’t get attached (Idk how much I like this one, but we’ll see).

084.  Practice piano regularly for 3 weeks in a row.

085.  Practice guitar.

086.  And learn a new song.

087.  And play it in front of people.

088.  Go to a karaoke bar with friends.

089.  And participate in at least 3 songs.

090.  Help my mom and dad with the computer without storming off or going crazy.

091.  Start my next list (especially since this one took so long.

092.  Visit a friend in another state.

093.  Visit Jeff and Rachel (former youth minister and wife).

094.  Take more pictures.  takemorepicturestakemorepicturestakemorepictures.

095.  Change a diaper.

096.  Get laser hair removal.

097.  Take a minute, to take a breath and enjoy something small.

098.  Build something.

099.  Go fishing.

100.  Give something important away.

101.  I don’t know that I should limit myself to falling in love in 1001 days, because God will give me that when it’s time.  So I’ll add it, but it’ll stay on the list for as long as it needs to.