Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It really sucks when people move away. It really hurts growing up, having one person to really look up to, a really Godly woman, having them tell you they'll always be there to listen or give advice and then having them move away and have basically no contact. Time and distance are hard to reach through.

Years go by and these things still get to me sometimes. I know they'd be there if I called, but now we've grown so far apart it doesn't really matter anymore does it?

A little contact would be nice. If I comment on your facebook. If I say I miss you guys. A comment back would be nice sometimes. Especially, for the ones who "feel like family."

Just a note: if you're ever depressed, don't take a trip down memory lane. Pictures are a bad idea.

I could use a break. Retreating to the world of Harry Potter for a little vacation.


Kateeee said...

whats your facebook link :)