Friday, March 11, 2011

On a boat!

Day 1 thoughts

I miss you
Sorority girls are really stupid : titanic, drunk in heels, snooty.
I miss you.
Everyone is on spring break it seems like. FSU. UF. Western GA. NC state. It's a giant drunken party. 

I gambled away some money. Boo. 

So the titanic story

Girl 1: I wanna go on an Alaskan cruise. 
Girl 2: Uh hello, Titanic. 
Me (to self): opposite coasts. 

I've never seen so many people dressed so "sluttily" or so many people in bathing suits when it's so cold. 

Anyway, this is what I'd want to talk to you about if I could text you.

And also that I'm wearing a sea sick patch and wrist bands and still feeling it. The boat is moving a lot. When we turn the light off we could see black sea and white caps out our window. It's really cool and terrifying at the same time to be so in the middle of nowhere. 

Its 11:09 on spring break and I'm in bed. 

I do miss talking to you. I'm hoping this week gives me some time to contemplate and talk to God about the situation. 

Day 2 thoughts:

Waiting for my massage/seaweed wrap. It'll be worth it as long as they understood I didn't want the $259 one. It's good for Fibro. I'm actually excited. We ordered breakfast room service today. I'm hoping it is free. We couldn't find anything stating it was or wasn't. Just "gratuity" at your own discretion. So while I don't think it's possible to max out my card, here's to hoping we don't. 

I gambled roughly 15 dollars last night and was left with $2 in quarters. It was fun though. Hope I don't get addicted. 
I guess I won't since there's not a casino readily available to me haha. 

You can buy these cups on the cruise for unlimited soda and my mom gave me hers. They wouldn't even fill it with water for me. They were just lookin' for a heat stroke. 

Sorority girl: "Amber needs alcohol now. She just had sex and it didn't feel so good."

Still miss you. Keep checking my phone like something will be there :(

I think I'm gonna bring you a tiny shell. It was hiding. It's a secret. Like you and me. 

This is a longer day then yesterday. I was still able to text you 24 hours ago. I feel kinda silly feeling this way. I just got so used to talking to you. 

After the beach today, Jenn and I fell asleep. Tonight is our fancy, formal night.  We came back to the boat early to make sure we had plenty of time to get ready.  The beds were just so inviting. All the party girls were dressed up last night, so I'm interested to see what they'll wear tonight.  

Tomorrow is Nassau and I might have service there. Looking forward to trying at least. We have a much longer day tomorrow. Today we had to be back on the boat by 4:30. Tomorrow we have till 11pm. So even after we snorkel and shop, I'll have plenty of time to text if there's service. I understand why the boat charges for phone service. But wifi should be free grrr. 

I think the anchor is being pulled up or the boat is starting up. Or part of it is. We're on the 2nd floor at the veeeeery back of the boat. Seeing the dark sea last night was intense. And hearing weird boat noises. 

I was right, they are pulling up the anchor lol. They're saying the ride should be smoother tonight. I hope so. Last night was bad. 

Sorority girl: "It's only 8:55. Did we change time zones? Oh I was looking at the wrong hands."

Today I won back all the money I gambled. But then I played it again. I've never been in a casino before, it just so addicting. 

I wanted to let you know that the last guy and I never talked like you and I do. At the beginning we talked basics but then struggled to keep a conversation going. I (I assume we both) enjoyed our conversations and wanted to keep them coming. But we had to play ice breakers and question games. You and I, we fell into a good groove somehow. And not only do we not have to struggle to find conversation, we long for it. Or I do. When I get my schedule when I get back, I want to see you. I want to see your room. I want you to tell me about all the little things, your loves, your hobbies, your mottos. While cuddling. Real simple cuddling.
And I'm gonna make you another mix tape soon. 

What I would have texted you:

How's your brother? And the rest of the fam? Are you having fun?

Do you miss me?

After ambien:

College girls and boys screaming about sex "do I know you?" oh ok no biggie my room is this way. Stay out of the hot tubs and pools. Shower shoes. 

Night is almost over for us. Ambien. In bed. Hoping for service tomorrow. Hoping for you.

Day 3 thoughts. 

Guy pushing another guy in wheel chair running into things. "he's handicap shut the fuck up"

Walking down the street: 

Straw market ladies:
"they didn't come here to shop these doing beakers. They Came to drink and to fuck" lol

Boy 1 next door:
"what if he's not on the boat?"
Boy 2 next door:
"I know man what if he's in the fucking Bahamas."

Sorority girl (to janitor on deck): "Do you think it's gonna rain?"
Janitor: "Um I don't know."
Sorority girl: "Are you a meteorologist" 


The Pensive Journeyman said...

Wish I'd been there!!!

You're amazing.