Monday, March 21, 2011

Today's random thoughts


I really want to move to Texas. I don't know why. 

"Kids" is my favorite MGMT song. 

Today, my dad, hater of all things furry (because they pee on carpets), told me I should have brought home a puppy that a homeless man had. When I say puppy, I mean it could fit in my hand and was still nursing. I'm worried for it. And the man. But the puppy.

I want to see Suckerpunch. Comes out Friday? Want to see.


The Pensive Journeyman said...

Texas huh? hmmm

Sucker Punch.

I know a guy who wants to take you to see that. Friday night maybe. Yeah, I hear he's kinda into you.

The Pensive Journeyman said...


"Kids" comes on my pandora all the time.