Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm going to compile a list of bumper stickers both conservative and liberal that I despise. Starting with this one. Wait...just found one that was worse. "caution: I drive like a Cullen"

Just... Oh my gosh. Seriously.

Ok back to political.

"War is not pro-life."

Yeah well, neiher is the fucking death penalty, but you see a lot of pro-lifers supporting that too. Maybe we should just give in and change our name to "anti-choice.". I don't know. I get the my body argument. But when the fetus is old enough to survive without you...that's not your body anymore. And no one can use the argument that the baby still relies on something or someone to survive because then there's a whole hell of a lot of peoeple we need to be killing. Including everyone who relies on the government to get by?

Maybe we should rethink the wording of these things.

EDIT: and then we're allowed to do what we want with our bodies. Except there are rules about harming ourselves. Doctors are required to break confidentiality when we are harming ourselves or others. Sooo the baby isn't a parasite. It's not harming you.

Just wanna say: Babies are awesome. And that's why I'm against it. I hate that people want to abort children with down syndrome and things now. I mean if you know the kid is gonna be brain dead and have no arms and legs...I get that. But most of the time there's no way to tell. My sister wasn't supposed to survive past two. She's a thriving 32 year old. Has a job. Has friends and a "fiancé" and is the best part of our famiy. Wouldn't be me without her.