Monday, April 5, 2010

Well, well, well. I was thinking in the shower tonight. And I've kind of forgotten all that I wanted to write about. That would happen.

It had a lot to do with the fact that I see some acquaintances from high school and they've still got friends from high school. Not a lot, but a few, like me. But the thing is, they still hang out. Not just at Christmas. And I realize that it's harder when people go away to college. I did that for a year, remember. But some people don't keep in touch at all. Life gets crazy. School is busy. And we get together once a year and things feel normal.

But who are you? What do I know about you anymore? Do you know anything about me?

I had one friend who came back home for a day. Everyone got to see him. Except for me. How's that for friendship? Bad enough that we don't even talk anymore, but you don't even tell me you're coming home?

And that's just made me realize that I need to hang on tighter to the friends I have. See the ones here as much as possible. Because I don't want to lose them. And the truth is, I need a sturdy foundation. Some people to lean on. Because I fall a lot. And no one ever knows. And that might be why I keep falling.

And then (I don't know how it works) I have a few friends who I could not talk to for a month or two. And when we get together or send messages, things are normal. And it's not just, "Hey how was your semester? Good to see you." Inside jokes, inside jokes, game/movie and done. It's real conversation. It's, "how have you really been? How's this and how's that? How have you been feeling?"

And it's those people too that I need to not neglect, and rely on more. I like to listen, but I know it's hard for others sometimes. To sit and listen to someone complain for hours on something you've probably already heard about. To listen to medical problems that your grandma is having, but no young person should be dealing with. But I've got a few who are willing <3

And if anyone ever needs to rant or spew to me...I've always got my ears open.


freckleface0816 said...

id like to be in the second category please, i miss you <3