Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday

I have had my heart broken by a few boys in my life. Never really while dating them though. I always do the breaking up.

No these are the boys that seemingly just want to be friends. Or maybe they mention they might want to be more. But let's get to know each other first. Or maybe they're just flirtatious. And the problem starts right about here. Where I start to fall for them.

Then something happens.

They change their mind.
I make them mad.
Or they just stop talking.
Or, most recently, I am told to just stop talking.

And I've got to tell you, that it breaks my heart.

It always gets to the point where I think I've found a new best friend or I get quite attached and then I am left to fend for myself, again.

I can feel it. With every inch of my being.

But I can't cry.

Tomorrow is poppa's birthday. It's gonna be a hard one. My grandma is coming to spend the night so she won't have to be alone. That makes it harder.

It's also Sarah's birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday Sarah.