Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dear You,

Dear you,
I really like you.  It makes me kind of sad that you're very busy and it makes me even sadder that by the time you are not busy anymore, you might be moving away.

You are very confusing.  But for some reason I'm still drawn to you.  And you seem to be somewhat drawn to me, since you picked me out of everyone else available to you.

A little reassurance from you wouldn't hurt though.  You don't have to commit to anything, but just tell me.

Dear other you,
I wish boys were not always so crappy.  We seem to have similar troubles sometimes, but I don't always want to compare us to each other because we have un-similar problems as well.  I pray for you when I remember to.  And I think about you and your situation a lot.  And since God hears my thoughts, and when talking to myself, I'm really talking to Him, I guess I pray about it a lot haha.

Dear other other you,
You drive me crazy with your constant questioning.  I think you're just curious, but wait until we're having a conversation to ask things maybe.  You push and push and it makes me go insane.

Dear former love interest,
You were a very good friend for a while and I fell pretty hard for you.  When you showed the same feelings I was ecstatic.   Until you told me you were just having fun.  We didn't talk for almost a year and things were very awkward.  Then we slowly started to become friends again and that one time you seemed truly interested in pursuing a deep friendship.  Then you just stopped talking.  Then another time I wrote a note to you and told you how I was sad that we weren't friends anymore, but that I was also really mad about it.  Then you acted like the note didn't exist, but you started talking to me again.  Theeeeen I asked you if you had heard that CD and you didn't respond, but you responded to those other people.  So I give up.  I'm done.  Everyone thinks we'd be perfect for each other and for some reason, even though we never talk, they think we'll get married.  I don't see it happening.

Ps.  You need to grow up.

Dear Poppa,
I still think about you at random times and get sad.  I didn't deal with it when I should have and now it's coming back in weird ways.  I miss you and I'm glad I got to spend time with you at the end.  I'm sorry I didn't take advantage of the time before you got sick.  I love you.

Dear body,
Why are you craving sweets?  Are you preggers?  I would hope not.  That would be hard to explain.  Stop craving donuts please.  My mouth cannot resist and you are going to get fat.  Do you want to get fat?!

PS. Dear canker sore in my mouth,
Please go away.  I know I created you with all my stress and you were just trying to warn me to slow down so I wouldn't get sick, but I didn't slow down and I'm getting sick and you're making the problem worse.  And you really, really hurt.  Like a lot.  So please go away.