Sunday, January 18, 2009


So what defines a virgin?
Pure in body?
Pure in thought?
The dictionary had a lot to say.
Could mean unmarried. But I know lots of unmarried people that aren't virgins.
And if we're talking about the human mind, then there are tons that aren't virgins.

Pure in body?
But where does that begin?
For some people, premarital hand-holding or kissing is too far.

Have we all already gone too far?

And if we have, what's the point in waiting?


Amber said...

Ugh. I have contemplated this topic over and over again. It mattered at one point. But I'm not sure that it does anymore. Sometimes I've felt that I've gone far enough to say...why not just go all out? I might as well. But then something stops me. I don't know.