Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sounded like a plane was gonna crash into my house just now.

Yesterday would have been my grandpa's birthday. My grandma had a mass set up for him. I didn't go to this one. Last year's was completely in Latin. I'm kinda sad I missed it though. A second birthday without him. It feels so weird still. I'm used to it. I move on. I live from day to day. But he shows up in my dreams. Or in the silent moments. And it still hurts.

My jaw is very tight right now. I have knots in the muscle. And two big cystic knots on either side. They hurt like a mother.

My skin is not behaving. I want to scrub till I bleed.

New skin.

Final final tomorrow. My gpa is going to be not high enough for my Aid. Might be out of school for a semester.