Friday, February 25, 2011

Things on my mind

I want to see one of the last two shuttle launches.

About a week ago I jabbed myself in the gums with my toothbrush and went through to the bone (or tooth) it looks like. It still hurts and I'm trying to heal it. Positive: swishing with hydrogen peroxide seems to be whitening my teeth.

I would like to have the job of music placement in television shows. I think I would do a good job. And also, not have musical scenes unless it was a musical. Characters should not just randomly be like, "Oh yeah, I have a nice voice, I think I'm gonna get up and sing in front of all these people." Unless they have a bad voice and it's funny. Or it's Amber on Parenthood. But that's because it's not done in a cheesy way. For some reason. I'm not really sure how you avoid cheese. Maybe I'd be bad at that job.

It would be fun to record books for audio books. I did have the idea of being a voice actor for a while.

I should have thought about all this stuff before going to college.

Blogger should add the option of listening music like xanga and livejournal have. I'd probably lie and say I was listening to Eisley (which is what I've been listening to on repeat since it showed up in an e-mail) to get them...idk, "trending," but I'm listening to Azure Ray in reality. One song, on repeat. "Love and Permanence"

I feel like this is the [insert depressing moment here] moment, but I don't want to. I'm confused as always, and still in a pickle, still writing weird poems in my phone and forgetting about them. But it's all been said.