Friday, February 18, 2011

Tooooday. Today, I procrastinated on a lot of stuff and I woke up late because I fell asleep late and (yeah I'm gonna run-on sentence this suckah) I didn't do any of my paper or even think about it and I didn't study so I didn't remember when Nintendo was founded and I drove at night and that weird flashy thing happened again where I thought a red light camera was catching me even though I wasn't running a red light, but it's just my tear film being bad (that's what the doctor said, he said, "oh that is bad") and I went to the grocery store to get my schedule and bought Greg a box of chocolates because people only ever go visit him to get their paystubs, so I bought him chocolate, but I couldn't just buy him chocolate, so I bought conditioner and Aquaphor, and my birthday champagne (which is really sparkling wine, but it's imported from Italy, FROM ITALY), and I really don't know why I'm writing all this, but it's happier than last night and I'm putting off going back to my paper that's due tomorrow, but really today in around 14 hours.

And tomorrow I have to work. Ew.