Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So there's this song by Band Marino. It's called "Song for a Melody." I find myself repeating it over and over again. I just now looked at the lyrics. I love Band Marino.

Well I don't know how much it means to you,
But I sing it anyway.
And it burns inside me so longingly, that I can't help
But sing it everyday.

And I've watched you play with fire, and give yourself away.
To the world that brings you down.
But I still remember that soft eyed girl who took my hand.
And I wish she'd find her way home again.

Cause I know what it's like,
I know what it's like.

Sometimes I wake up wishing
Just to hear you sing, your melody.
And I know there's someone who you don't want to talk to.
And this aint' just about me.

Cause I know what it's like,
I know what it's like to be alone.

And I would give myself, just to see you free.
But someone went ahead and gave them self in place of me